If you are thinking of powdered milk as a food storage staple, then you have to rethink one more time. Powdered milk is a lot more than only a source of dairy or an alternative to fresh milk. Although milk is an essential and a vital source of nutrients in everyday life, it is considered a staple food in almost every household. But it is a lot more than just milk, it is a lot more useful than you think.

Powdered milk is versatile and it is used for various purposes. Fat-filled milk powder, full cream milk powder, and skimmed milk powder are a few prominent types of dry milk.


Dry milk powder contains the same nutrients as liquid milk because it is made from removing water from the fresh milk. So, the amount of nutrients remains the same, and it can effectively fulfill all the purposes of dairy items. Similarly, skimmed milk powder is a great source of nutrition, and it can meet various demands of the common household.

Listed below are 10 prominent uses of milk powder in everyday life.

Coffee and Tea

A very common use of skimmed milk powder is in tea and coffee, which is widely used on a regular basis. Skimmed milk powder is best for people who want to consume dairy items without consuming too many calories. Using skimmed milk powder in tea and coffee is great for people working on their weight. It will help in maintaining a balanced weight, as well as provide the body with essential nutrients necessary for the body.


People love to have smoothies and for many people, it is an essential part of breakfast. Skimmed milk powder can take your smoothies to another level. It not only enhances the taste of your smoothies but also makes your smoothies creamier and gives a velvety consistency. Skimmed milk makes your smoothies highly nutritious without increasing the calories. So, it is a great source of consuming dairy with a limited number of calories.

Ice cream

Dry milk is also a prominent ingredient in making ice cream. As it improves the consistency and makes it creamier. It is low in fat but a great source of protein. The natural sugar and proteins in skimmed milk powder make it the best ingredient for ice cream.


Another way you can consume milk powder is through soups. Skimmed milk powder is rich in protein and low in fat can make your soup highly nutritious. Besides making the consistency thick and creamier, it provides the body with proper strength.


One of the other efficient ways to utilize skimmed milk powder is by adding it in puddings. Adding skimmed milk powder to puddings improves flavor and texture as well as gives a creamier touch to your pudding. It is another amazing way to utilize skimmed milk powder on a regular basis.

Mashed Potatoes 

If you want to give an extra fluff to the mashed potatoes, then adding skimmed milk powder can be highly beneficial in this respect. Add a teaspoon of skimmed milk powder to your recipe, and experience a rich creamy texture and a delightful taste.


Many people prefer eating cereal for breakfast because it is a convenient option to gain nutrition, easy to make, and less time-consuming. Milk is an essential ingredient in the making of cereal. Adding skimmed milk powder to your cereal could be great, it provides the necessary nutrients and helps maintain a balanced weight.

Chicken Stock

Make your chicken stock thicker, and more delightful with the help of this powder. Adding skimmed milk powder to it while cooking can provide a perfect and desired thickness to it. As well as, it gives it an amazing taste. It can also increase the nutritional value of the chicken stock, and make it best for health.

Low Carb Flavored Coffee Creamer

Low-fat coffee creamer is perfect for people who do not want to gain weight and do not want to consume too many calories. Low carb flavored coffee creamer made with skimmed milk fulfills all the needs of people, and it is a healthy alternative to full-fat coffee creamer.

Whipped Cream and Cake Toppings 

Last but not the least, using in cake toppings and whipped cream can be a great idea. To get that fine velvety and fluffier cake topping, add one or two teaspoons of this milk powder to get the desired texture.



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This is a great dietary source, and helps manage a balanced weight. Consuming milk powder regularly can be very beneficial for health, especially if you are a diabetic or a heart patient. It is a low-fat milk powder that provides complete nutrition to the body with limited carbs.

It can be consumed in various ways to fulfill the demand for dairy needs of your body. Some easy ways you can use powdered milk are mentioned above. Consuming it in any form would be beneficial for health and makes you physically fit.