Goat Milk or Goat Milk Powder which is More beneficial?


Goat Milk, in recent years, has seen a lot of demand from milk lovers. The use of goat milk has been common in certain developing nations, but with several new pieces of information coming to light, western cultures have started embracing the goat milk option for their consumption. If we take this one step further goat milk can actually be consumed in forms other than raw goat milk. That’s right! Goat milk, similar to cow milk, can be converted into a powdered form and the entire process can be done at the comfort of your own kitchen.

However, how would you select between goat milk and goat milk powder? Here are some clues.

Travel Friendliness: A lot of backpackers, travelers, or even office goers are unable to choose goat milk as their daily diet option due to its lack of availability. This considerably reduces options for a lot of goat milk lovers who are left with no choice but to choose popular forms of dairy such as cow milk. However, the introduction of goat milk powder opens up a world of possibilities for these users. Not only can goat milk powder be stored, but it can also be carried without a hassle. All that needs to be done is carry the goat milk powder in a dry and sanitary box or an airtight pouch. In this way, goat milk lovers can easily mix their dry goat milk powder into their coffee, tea, or even warm water and enjoy.

Storage Options: Goat milk in its liquid form is not storable beyond a few days without certain alleged repercussions. The estimated period of time for which goat milk can be stored is said to roughly measure three days, but only in ideal conditions of refrigeration. When it comes to the shelf life of powdered goat milk, many users claim that it can last up to eighteen months when stored under certain proper conditions. Several factors determine the longevity of powdered goat milk, including the addition of preservatives, the quality of the milk used, etc. However, even if certain measurements may vary, it ultimately boils down to the fact that goat milk in its powdered form is a much longer-lasting option.

Time Consuming Process: In spite of the benefits that are provided using goat milk in its powdered forms such as storage and longevity, the process of preparing goat milk at home is easy but time-consuming. Further, for inexperienced users, the process of preparing goat milk powder can result in wastage, or even burning of the milk. The alternative is to procure goat milk powder from sellers. Since the popularity of goat milk has only risen in recent years, especially in western countries, the availability of goat milk powder cannot be determined with accuracy. Therefore, several users might opt out of undertaking the laborious process of goat milk powder creation.

To Pasteurize or To not Pasteurize?

Some proponents of raw goat milk might claim that it is the best for goat milk, as it is shown to be packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and a range of nutrients. Additionally, the people who support pasteurization, emphasize the fact that it is an essential step to ensure the destruction of bacteria and harmful germs present in milk that may cause severe reactions.

In conclusion, there are a lot of advantages of powdered goat milk along with some drawbacks. More importantly, the best part is that you do not have to choose between the two and can always alternate based on your needs.


A delightful part of the holiday season is chugging down glasses of eggnog on cold winter evenings. To enhance this experience and make it creamier and more delicious, try using goat milk powder instead of the traditional cow’s milk!

  • Take a cup of goat milk powder and add it to four cups of water.
  • Mix it with four eggs and your favorite choice of sweetener. Add the mixture to a saucepan and whisk it properly until completely mixed.
  •  Put the saucepan on medium-low heat and make sure the mixture does not simmer or boil. Occasionally stir it while it cooks.
  • When it reaches about 165°F, take it off and let it cool for a few minutes. Add rum, vanilla, and nutmeg to your taste, and you are good to go for a new unique holiday experience.