Regular Skim Milk Powder (RSMP) (New Zealand Origin)

Skimmed Milk Powder

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  • Regular Skim Milk Powder (RSMP) (New Zealand Origin)

    Origin: NEW ZEALAND (NZ)


    Description: Skim milk Powder is a soluble powder made by spray-drying fresh Pasteurized skim milk.

    Product Characteristic: Excellent solubility, Good flow properties, Low-fat content

    Allergen (s): Contains Milk and Dairy products

    SHELF LIFE:  24 Months from the Production Date

    AVAILABLE SIZES:  25 kg multi-wall bag with inner plastic liner

    COMPLIANCE: Halal Certified


    Skim Milk Powder is hygroscopic and can absorb odours. Therefore adequate protection is essential. It is recommended that the product is stored at below 25°C, with relative humidity below 65%, in odour free environment and not exposed to direct sunlight. Stocks should be used in the rotation preferably within 24 months of manufacture