Famous Daily Milk Softpack 250gram

Famous Daily Milk Instant Full Cream Milk Powder from cows that graze, free-range, under the majestic Southern Alps in New Zealand.
Famous Daily Milk Instant Full Cream Milk Powder is a good source of calcium and a source of protein, quick and easy to prepare for yourself and your family with no artificial flavors or colors.
Famous Daily Milk Instant Full Cream Milk Powder will support a family for all their daily home needs for baking, yogurt, Ice Cream or dairy drinking beverages Coffee/Tea/Chocolate, cheese being a great addition for household use. It can be successfully used in confectionery and food concentrates.
It also provides peace of mind that families always affordable have to milk on hand who are unable to afford the premium price associated with Instant full-cream milk powder.

  •    Excellent Solubility
  •    High Calcium
  •    High Protein
  •    Vitamin A & D3
  •    Rich, Creamy Flavour
  •    Suitable for Vegetarians 
  •   Not Suitable for Infant below 12month of Ages
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