Infants require the right amount of nutrients for healthy growth. As a result, choosing the best milk powder for infants is very important.

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In the following blog, we will cover a few important things which every new parent should consider when buying milk powder for infants along with why Dairy Joy and Famous Daily Milk has the best milk powders in Malaysia.



Lactoferrin protein, which is usually found in a mother’s milk, tends to play an important role in the overall development of a child’s immune system. It can be considered the first anti-microbial and anti-viral defence system found in the human body. The anti-microbial effect is mainly caused because of the bonding of iron ions, which are essential for overall bacterial growth in the human body. According to recent medical research, and in addition to the above-mentioned health properties, it has been found that lactoferrin also helps to strengthen the overall immune response by supporting the proliferation, differentiation, and activation of the immune cells.

Dairy Joy & Famous Daily Milk`s Instant Milk Powder includes Lactoferrin protein that provides part of the balanced nutrients required for an active brain, overall immunity and gut health.

All essential nutritional content for immunity

It is always advised that the overall nutritional content of infants should be administered very carefully, especially for the initial months of their life. While malnutrition in the initial years of a baby’s life can result in stunted physical and mental growth along with a weakened immune system, excessive intake of protein and carbohydrates for an infant can also contribute to obesity. Various milk powders have different nutritional content, so new parents must be very careful while choosing the right milk powder for their kids.

The Immune-Boosting Milk Powder from Dairy Joy & Famous Daily Milk has all the essential natural enzymes in the right amounts along with lactoferrin to support overall immunity. In addition, it helps to improve the digestive health and bone density in a child`s body

Proper hydration

Dairy Joy & Famous Daily Milk’s Active Electrolyte Milk Powder helps to restore body fluids and electrolytes lost due to dehydration.

Excessive loss of fluids tends to cause muscles cramps and fatigue. Active Electrolyte Milk Powder not only provides all the essential electrolytes for hydration but also contains all the important nutrients for kids.

About Dairy Joy & Famous Daily Milk

Dairy Joy and Famous Daily Milk Powder, both of the best dairy brands in Malaysia that not only includes a wide range of the best milk powder for adults and seniors.

It is a good source of calcium and a source of protein, quick and easy to prepare for yourself and your family with no artificial flavours or colours.

It will support a family for all their daily home needs for baking, yogurt, Ice Cream or dairy drinking beverages Coffee/Tea/Cholate, cheese being a great addition for household use. It can be successfully used in confectionery and food concentrates.

It also provides peace of mind that families always affordable have to milk on hand who are unable to afford the premium price associated with Instant full-cream milk powder

Milk Powder directly from

About Eastern Mark Glory Trading (EMGT)

Eastern Mark Glory Trading is specialized in the Import, Distribution, and Supply of various raw materials of different types of Dairy products such as ranging from Whole Milk Powder/Skimmed Milk Powder/Goat Milk Powder and Food Ingredients such as herbal & fruit extract mainly on Dates Powder (Water Soluble) for drink beverage this cater for the food industries and own finishing product under (Famous) & Dairy Joy branding.